Pushcart Vending

Pushcart vending is the selling, serving, or giving away of food and/or beverages to the public from a mobile vending unit on City sidewalks. Use of such public right-of-ways requires a Private Use of Public Spaces permit. All vendors may be required to have additional permitting from Wake County Environmental Services or NC Department of Agriculture.

How to Apply

What are the next steps? The City will review submissions, reach out with any comments or feedback, charge the permit fee, and schedule an onsite inspection. After completion, the City will issue your permit.

Helpful Contacts

  • Wake County Environmental Services 919-856-7400
  • NC Department of Agriculture 919-733-7366
  • Home Occupational Permit 919-996-2475




Lead Department:
Emergency Management and Special Events
Service Categories:
Hospitality Permits