A stream with a lot of natural plants and shape that helps water flow.

Drainage Assistance Program

Do you have a drainage issue on your property?

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A repaired stream in a backyard.

Stream stabilization

This program pays for and addresses: 

  1. Flooding to your home; and,
  2. Severe erosion that affects your home/building.

Stormwater runoff from public streets must be causing the drainage issues.


You must meet these three requirements to qualify:

  1. Own residential, commercial or public property in Raleigh.
  2. Affected by stormwater runoff coming from public streets.
  3. Donate a permanent drainage easement.

We'll help with flooding to your home, building, severe erosion, and blocked pipes. You also must pay the stormwater utility fee. 

Not Eligible

We cannot help with: 

Nuisance yard flooding Standing water
Drainage issues from landscaping and yard grading Minor erosion
Stormwater runoff from private properties next to you Roof/gutter problems

See a clogged stormwater drain or pipe? Contact stormwater maintenance


A new round stormwater pipe at a property on Donald Ross Drive.

New stormwater pipe on Donald Ross Drive

There are several steps to complete a project through the Drainage Assistance Program.

Learn more about the process




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