white man hugging a black woman

Listening Sessions: Conversations on Race, Racism, and Social Equity

Shaw University’s Center for Racial and Social Justice to lead the conversations

In January, Shaw’s team will ask the community about key concerns for discussion on race, racism, and social equity. These topics will shape the public conversations beginning in February 2021. The conversations will be facilitated by our partners at Shaw University Center for Racial and Social Justice. Shaw’s team will research best practices and new ideas and provide us with a plan. It will include goals and objectives that are directly related to the issues brought forward by the community.

To learn more about the “Courageous Conversations” visit Shaw University's dedicated webpage. Where you can sign up to be part of the conversation. The Raleigh Office of Equity and Inclusion will be instrumental in supporting this effort. We look forward to hearing from you, and having you be part of these important conversations.

Courageous Conversation

Shaw University’s Center for Racial and Social Justice to Lead the Conversations