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Greenway Closures Interactive Map Want Greenway Alert Emails or Texts? Lake Lynn Dam Renovations Near Greenway Trail Crabtree Creek Trail Access and Parking Lot at 4000 Lindsay Drive, Mile Marker 14.5 Neuse River Trail Construction Blasting Nearby from Auburn-Knightdale Road to Anderson Point Park
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The City of Raleigh has 117 miles of greenway trails. In order to maintain high-quality greenway trails for our citizens, the system needs regular maintenance and care. That care sometimes results in closures and/or detours. The below sections provide an up-to-date picture of where repairs, detours, and closures are happening on the greenway to provide you with the best greenway trail experience possible. 

It is important for citizens to be able to use the greenways for recreation, commuting, exercise, and play. The City of Raleigh staff works hard to keep greenways safe and open. 

Did you know?

Greenway corridors protect environmentally sensitive areas that can be prone to flooding. To provide public access to nature, greenway trails are planned in these corridors where appropriate. Keeping this in mind, flooding can occur unexpectedly on the trail.

If you see something needing repair or maintenance, please contact the greenway maintenance staff at 919-996-4115 or by email or report it on SeeClickFix.

Greenway Closures Interactive Map

Closure Map:

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Lake Lynn Dam Renovations Near Greenway Trail

Lake Lynn will be undergoing renovations to the primary spillway of the dam beginning May 2021 through November 2021. The Lake Lynn Greenway Trail will remain open. Please take note that construction workers will be on and around the dam and spillway, and we ask that you avoid their work areas, and exercise caution when they are present.

Crabtree Creek Trail Access and Parking Lot at 4000 Lindsay Drive, Mile Marker 14.5

A temporary trail has been constructed at the access point and parking lot located at 4000 Lindsay Drive due to the construction of the Crabtree Creek West Greenway project. Please dismount from your bicycle before entering the temporary trail, which is defined by an orange safety fence and signage. The temporary trail will remain open for a majority of the construction timeframe; however, the contractor will close the access during times when heavy construction is occurring in the immediate vicinity. This closure will be necessary to maintain the safety of trail users. During these closure times, please use the next closest available access, located at 4330 Galax Drive. 

The Crabtree Creek West Trail is the remaining trail section of the Crabtree Creek Greenway corridor and will extend from the existing terminus at Lindsay Drive to the eastern boundary of Umstead State Park under Ebenezer Church Road. This proposed trail section is approximately two miles in length and is a critical link in a regional greenway system, connecting multiple neighborhoods and business centers in Raleigh. The project includes five pedestrian bridges, two of which will be constructed close to the Lindsay Drive access. 

View the map of Project Alignment.

Neuse River Trail Construction Blasting Nearby from Auburn-Knightdale Road to Anderson Point Park

Please note that construction blasting will be happening nearby the Neuse River Greenway Trail from Auburn-Knightdale Road to Anderson Point Park. The greenway is safe for use.

A sewer construction project is underway across the river from the greenway trail. This project involves blasting for rock removal, and you may experience a rumble or vibrations. An air horn will sound before blasting detonations.

View project map.

The construction is expected to be completed in June 2023. Contact Dennis Lassiter at 919-996-3474 or for more information.



To report a Greenway maintenance issue: 919-996-4115, Email

Greenway Planning and Greenway Map Requests: 919-996-3285, Email

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