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Wake BRT: Western Boulevard Corridor Study

Connecting Raleigh and Cary Through Transit and Placemaking

Virtual Engagement

In the interest of public safety, we have set up a virtual engagement opportunity for this project. On this webpage, you have access to the same information you would during an in-person meeting. Your feedback is essential as we plan the future of BRT along this corridor. The online survey is open thru October 19.

The Wake BRT: Western Boulevard Corridor Study will examine both:

  • Major Investment Opportunities (outlining redevelopment potential along the corridor)
  • Western Blvd. Bus Rapid Transit service (connecting Downtown Raleigh and Downtown Cary)

Watch our welcome video and keep scrolling to engage with our project:

Project Details

Corridor Studies
Project Lead:
Dhanya Sandeep



Dhanya Sandeep
Senior Urban Designer

Lead Department:
Planning and Zoning
Participating Department:
Planning and DevelopmentTransportation
Service Unit:
Urban Design Center




The Wake BRT: Western Boulevard Corridor Study will:

  • Create a plan for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service connecting downtown Raleigh and downtown Cary.
  • Leverage other studies to create a vibrant corridor with development opportunities.
  • Develop a conceptual land use plan for the area.
  • Identify infrastructure improvement projects for the corridor.

Lead Department:
Planning and Development


At the kickoff meeting we shared information about the existing conditions of the corridor. We talked about how Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will impact the future of Western Boulevard. Thanks to everyone that participated in the kickoff meeting and survey. Your participation helped us determine the BRT alignment and helped us prioritize areas for redevelopment. View the survey results.

Information from the kickoff meeting:
    •    Presentation
    •    Handout
    •    Information boards
    •    Kickoff summary
    •    FAQ

Lead Department:
Planning and Development


Locally Preferred Alternative

A priority in this phase of the study is finalizing the route for the Western Blvd. BRT leg of the BRT route, known as the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). The video below walks through the options for connecting Cary to Western Blvd. and the route that was ultimately chosen.

The Locally Preferred Alternative can be viewed on the map below.

Western Blvd LPA Map

View the Locally Preferred Alternative PDF map.

On the interactive map below, you can also search using addresses or your current location. To view the legend, hover over the circle icon in the lower-left corner.

View the Locally Preferred Alternative interactive map.

What is transit-oriented development (TOD)?

TOD brings people, activities, buildings, and public space together.  You often see housing, office space, and retail in TOD. Many within walking distance of a transit station. Walkable neighborhoods in TOD reduce the need for driving. Activities not available in the neighborhood are accessible via transit. These elements come together to make development vibrant, sustainable, and accessible.

Urban Design Opportunities

In this phase of the study, the Urban Design Center has identified urban design opportunities along the corridor that could compliment the installation of BRT and improve the safety, character, and effectiveness of the corridor as a transit corridor.

Explore the Urban Design Opportunities identified along the corridor.

Western BRT - Urban Design Opportunities

Next Steps


We want to hear from you!

Thank you for taking the time to review all the information presented in this webpage. Before you leave this page, we would love to capture your feedback and any follow-up questions for the team. Please access the survey link below, that will be active until October 19.

Wake BRT: Western Blvd. Corridor Study Survey

The survey will take only a few minutes to fill out. Please remember to enter your follow-up questions for the project team. 

What's Next?

On September 30 at 7 p.m., we plan to host a virtual Q&A session to respond to key questions received from the public. The virtual Q&A session will be recorded and posted on the project website. Please stay tuned for more information on that event. 

After this round of virtual engagement, we will develop a draft final report. The recommendations will be available for public review at the end of the year. There will be more public engagement opportunities at the first of the year. The design phase of BRT implementation for Western Boulevard will begin late fall. 

Lead Department:
Planning and Development

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