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Active Text Change Cases (TC) Pending Text Change Cases Recently Adopted Text Changes Text Changes to Zoning Conditions (TCZ)

Active Text Change Cases (TC)

A “text change” is a proposal to modify an adopted ordinance.

The engagement portal helps you stay informed and allow for your questions and comments about our upcoming proposed text changes.

Engagement Portal for Proposed Text Changes - You will also find comment cards for proposed text changes that are currently under public review. This is where you can ask questions about these text changes or leave comments for staff!

  1. Send your questions or comments to staff: textchanges@raleighnc.gov
  2. Contact the Planning Commission: planning.commission@raleighnc.gov 
  3. Visit the Planning Commission webpage and sign up to attend a public meeting. 
Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description Status Contact
TC-2-20 Manufactured Home Public Access Under Review Hodge
TC-4-21 Transit Street Cross-Sections and Green Plus Frontage Public Comment - Jan. 3 McDonald
TC-6-21 Tiny Houses Adopted - Dec. 7 McDonald
TC-11-21 Parking Minimums, Maximums, and Mitigations Text Change Committee - Jan. 5 Hardin
TC-12-21 Accessory Commercial Units Text Change Committee - Jan. 5 Anagnost
TC-13-21 Vehicle Fuel Sales Use Standards Adopted - Dec. 7 McDonald
TC-14-21 Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries, Cideries in CX District Adopted - Dec. 7 Bucher
TC-15-21 Towing Yards Public Hearing - Feb. 1 McDonald
TC-17-21 Play Structures Planning Commission - Dec. 14 Rametta

Pending Text Change Cases

Below you will find a list of text changes that are still being drafted.

Case # Project Name/Location/Description Contact
TC-20-20 Permit Choice and Vested Rights York
TC-21-20 Zoning Permits York
TC-2-21 Parking Deck Screening McDonald
TC-16-21 Neighborhood Commercial McDonald
TC-18-21 Accessory Structures Rametta
TC-19-21 Use Standard Variances McDonald
TC-20-21 Missing Middle 2.0 Hodge
TC-21-21 Cameron Park NCOD McDonald


Recently Adopted Text Changes

Below you will find the most recent adopted text changes. For older approved cases, please see the Adopted Text Changes page.

Text Change # Ordinance # Title Adopted Effective
TC-19-19 (237-TC-448) Administrative Alternate Changes 5-18-21 6-17-21
TC-5-20 (263-TC-451) Missing Middle Housing 7-5-21 8-5-21
TC-13-20 (292-TC-455) Outdoor Bar Seating in NX 10-5-21 10-10-21
TC-16-20 (231-TC-447) Special Flood Hazard Area Regulations 5-4-21 4-1-22
TC-17A-20 (293-TC-456) Transit Overlay Districts 10-5-21 10-10-21
TC-19-20 (242-TC-449) Rezoning Process and City Code Covenants 6-1-21 6-15-21
TC-22-20 (304-TC-459) Multiple Module Height Method 11-2-21 12-2-21
TC-1-21 (255-TC-450) Outdoor Amenity Areas 6-15-21 6-20-21
TC-3-21 (291-TC-454) Bicycle Street Cross-Sections 10-5-21 11-19-21
TC-5-21 (284-TC-453) City Tree Manual 9-21-21 10-21-21
TC-7-21 (274-TC-452) DX Digital Signage 9-7-21 10-7-21
TC-9-21 (299-TC-457) Development Agreements 10-19-21 11-18-21
TC-10-21 (300-TC-458) Conflicts of Interest, 160D References, and Board/Commission Composition 10-19-21 10-24-21

Text Changes to Zoning Conditions (TCZ)

A "text change amendment" is a proposal to modify adopted zoning conditions.

Case Number Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
TCZ-4-20 (Z-66-20) 5201, 5301 Homewood Banks Dr PC TBD; Neighborhood meeting 8-12-21 Mabel
8001 ACC Blvd CC 11-16-21; PC recommends approval. Neighborhood meeting 9-30-21. Kuan
1920, 2020 Falls Valley Dr PC TBD; Neighborhood meeting required. Reckhow




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