Stormwater Project Prioritization

Learn how we organize and plan for projects


Stormwater projects are prioritized based on the following qualifications:

  • Located within City of Raleigh limits;
  • Convey or carry stormwater runoff from public streets;
  • In line with the City’s strategic and comprehensive plans; and,
  • Stormwater utility fees must be paid to be eligible for Drainage Assistance Program and Raleigh Rainwater Rewards projects (only).


A project also must meet the following goals:

  • Address public safety and health;
  • Reduce flood hazards;
  • Meet stormwater regulations;
  • Improve water quality;
  • Benefit local watersheds and stormwater assets;
  • Gain community support;
  • Generate opportunities to improve the stormwater drainage system; and,
  • Indirectly benefit the community.



Scott Bryant, PE
Stormwater Administrator - Planning & Business Operations

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Stormwater Management Advisory Commission
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